////Human Anatomy 8th Edition PDF by Marieb and Wilhelm

Like all the anatomy books written by Marieb and Wilhelm, this one immediately became one of the most wanted textbooks in this area of expertise.

About Marieb Anatomy Textbook

As stated in the preface of the book: “This book is designed for one-semester or one-quarter introductory anatomy courses that serve students in pre-nursing, pre-medical, pre-physical therapy, radiological technology, physician assistant training, pre-dentistry, pharmacy, and other allied-health fields, as well as physical education, athletic training, and nutrition.” (quote: Human anatomy 8th Edition-Preface).

What this book differs from others is its unique approach to human anatomy. The text is written so that it goes into the very core of the problem and describes in detail every topic.

You can also conclude that the book is fairly large in content. There are 25 chapters in 900 pages, each chapter containing 5 or 6 sections, exercises and tasks.

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Textbook Details

Category: Biology / Life Sciences / Science
Language: English
Pages: 902
Type: True PDF
ISBN: 0134243811
ISBN-13: 9780134243818
Author: Elaine N. Marieb and Patricia Brady Wilhelm
Release date: January 17, 2016

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